Urban Sketches

What is Urban Sketching? In short, it is the practice of drawing things, objects or subjects around you through direct observation, wich means drawing in-situ or on-location if you are drawing a scene, on the sketchbook. Urbanketchers, a word coined by Gabriel Campanario, the founder of and the practice of urban sketching to become a worldwide movement.

Sketches done on Sketchbooks

Sketches with People and Human Figures as Subject Focus

Drawing people in action and repose is the most fun but challenging practice. I would often find myself in coffeeshops, kopitiams, restaurants and different locations to observe people and draw them. But it is more than just sketching people. My sketch will tell the story of where they are and what they are doing. Sketching them in context is as important.

Sketches done while on a sketching tour in Porto, Portugal

Virtual Sketching & Painting

Sketches and drawings done with image references (photographs, Google Street View, Google Map or a combination of these). The practice has become popular in recent years when COVID19 happened as more were staying home due to safe measures. For me drawing from images is equally important as drawing from direct observation. It is not simply copying from the references but an opportunity to experiment with different drawing approaches, tools and materials. There is no one single or right way to draw!

Sketches drawn from image references

Sketching Indoors

My Sketching Tools

Visiting a Natural History Museum in Singapore

I just had a field trip to our very own Natural History Museum located in NUS – the Lee Kong Chian museum. It is not a very big museum but it housed the star of the show – a set of three Sauropods skeletons that towered to the ceiling and span across almost half of … More

Yangon Temple or Shwedagon Pagoda

Magnificent place of worship for the Buddhists and also the main attraction for tourists who are visiting Yangon. A must see location. We were there about 4-5 years ago or a couple of years before the coup. We were so fortunate to see the country before the chaos kicked in. The Shwedagon Pagoda is the … More

Some reflections on drawing

Mr Kim Jung Gi, the infamous Korean artist who performs by drawing live in an audience, draws basically out of his f*king head, with no apparent reference at all. The wondrous thing about him drawing from memory is, he could in fact complete a drawing say a turbine engine in great detail and accuracy without … More

October 2022